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Conscious steps towards Integrated Feminine Leadership for creating real change

By Mukta Arianna Tidei

I firmly believe a profound change in leadership, guidance, containment, actions and connections is needed to lead us into the new Era. The state of our planet and the level of inequality in the world are speaking loudly and it is time for us to listen. There is an urgent calling now to leave our footprints in the sacred soil of Mother Earth. The past year has probably been the most challenging of the last half century for the whole of humanity. What if we transform it into an opportunity to embody the change we yearn to see in the world? How can we do it?

There are many things that need to be done, that is for certain. One of the most important shift is to change the way we deal with power and guidance. In my opinion, implementing an Integrated Feminine Leadership approach is one key starting point. There are many ways to do so, what I would like to share here is my personal experience on this matter.

When I was in my twenties, I was a successful agent for actors in a famous agency in Rome, my birth city. I was happy and talented and I had a promising career ahead. Life had different plans for me though. The call to explore myself and the conscious nature of human beings more deeply and truthfully became louder and louder. Answering this call took me to India for the first time to start a spiritual journey that has since then become my life path.

If I look back, since quite a young age, I’ve had jobs with a certain amount of responsibility. Early on, I was already managing people and coordinating teams, first in a more conventional business environment, and then as an organizer of personal growth workshops and trainings around the world. Later on, I became a manager of meditation centers.

I initially did it instinctively, with an adequate level of success. Even with this success, many times, I felt weak or inadequate and often exhausted and I found out there was an expectation to behave as a man would, both within myself and outside in the world.

Just like many women in positions of “power”, I was expected to act like a man in order to be convincing and not to be judged or criticized. At the same time, society asks us to embody distorted expressions of Feminine principles in our roles as women, as mothers, as partners or wives.
In all of these, something felt really uncomfortable and unfair inside. This discomfort led me on a journey in search of ways I can bring more consciousness and light into the process of a more Feminine approach to Leadership.

The journey has not been easy as “power” and “leadership” are words that, in the last century’s civilized societies, are sadly exclusively associated with unhealthy and un-integrated expressions of Masculine principles as virulence, aggression, oppression and so on.

To begin, I felt the need to go back to the roots, to go on a journey of Remembrance. I use the word “remembrance” on purpose, as I think it is an integral part of the process. We all come into life from a woman. Life is conceived in a uterus. Primordial developed societies were once matriarchal. In this enlightened time, men did not fear or seek to subdue this creative power that women have been naturally given.

The story then turned into one of repression. Witches were burnt in fire. Women were locked up in mental hospitals, citing hysteria, which shares the same root word with uterus, as the illness that plagued them. Sadly, women still encounter prejudices and injustices everyday at different levels, even in the most modern societies.
We need to re-member and to re-embody that natural power, without shame, but also without arrogance.

The initial steps for Integrated Feminine Leadership, in my vision, is a process of empowerment and remembrance of who we are intrinsically as women.

We practice this together, learning to honor our cyclical flow, and mirroring with other women in a space where we listen as much as we are listened to and where everybody is given the opportunity to lead.

We captain our boats and take full responsibility for the direction we want to go, trusting in the connection between our minds, hearts, and wombs. We are receptive and confident enough to envision the vision.

We trust what we feel and we voice it with a reclaimed natural authority, while respecting other opinions, transforming any triggers that may arise into a possibility of mutual growth. We can speak clearly enough to be heard, but also in a way that leaves space to hear another’s voice.
We are ready to offer guidance, and at the same time, we are prepared to embrace our mistakes and to learn from them.

We honor our feminine lineage. We call upon ancient sources of wisdom and intuition with consciousness and faith.

We reach out for and offer our help and cooperation. We include.

We learn to mother ourselves, first and foremost, and then to mother others without castrating and suppressing, transforming manipulation into guidance.

We commit to work on the continuous healing and transformation of the relationship with our actual mothers, the women who gave us life.
To face our “Mother Wound” requires a lot of intention and inner commitment, yet it is fundamental for real evolution and reclamation of our innate power as women, as mothers, and as our full embodied Selves in life. The exploration of the Mother Wound, I believe, is the foundation of our integration as women and leaders.

Last but not least, we respect the Integrated Masculine Principles and embody them to connect the horizontal and the vertical, creating the perfect cross of balance that can support us as leaders.

These are the first foundational steps I envision for Integrated Feminine Leadership, driven by consciousness, courage and determination.

We have a big responsibility as women. Now, more than ever, our wisdom, our creative power, our capacity for enlightened natural guidance are needed.

Let’s come together with respect and intention to create the world we want for ourselves and for the new generations to come.

Let’s be the Queens of justice, equality, inclusion, vision, wisdom, power, creation, courage and love that we are here for.

The time is Now.

Special thanks to my Queens fellow travellers Rana Khouri, Dona Tumacder- Esteban and Arianna Artioli for their loving support with the editing, to Mita Bacchetti for the pic and to Chantal Maltais Oei for her magic touch on the image ♥

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